Saturday, May 03, 2008

Keep the change, ya filthy animal

18 Days until Helaman's graduation. He passed his licensing exam and is ready for another round of fees and applications to get licensed in Texas. 23 days until we move. As I booked my flight out of here, I thought how crazy it was that it would be the last time we'd be flying out of New York. Right at this moment I am incredibly anxious to leave, due to Columbia's shutting off our heat even though the temperature is still in the 50s during the day, much lower at night and our 30-year old windows' insulation capabilities are non-existent. Thank you so much Jess for the space heater! Thankfully Charlotte's nose has ceased to run.

The other night was another gal-pal night out at the dessert place Cafe Lalo. We all wish we had been doing this all year instead of just the last couple months we'll all be here! These girls are amazing and I am so, so lucky to have had them and many others just as wonderful to call friends the last few years. I'm glad we all have blogs so we can keep up with each other.

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Lucy said...

Good luck packing and getting ready for the big move.