Monday, May 31, 2010

200th Post!

Ready for the pool

This Memorial Day weekend we celebrated by going to Liberty Fest, a totally random event we found out about while watching The Soup. Since the Gin Blossoms were going to be there, we had to go.

They were opening for REO Speedwagon, who brought us right back to the 80s with their smoke machine, top of the platform drummer and guitarist with long blond hair. Awesome!After they finished there was a good fireworks show, as there is after pretty much every event and holiday here in Texas. Love it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wait... what?

I thought I had jinxed myself with the previous post; the last couple days Miss O has been super cranky. But, it turns out my little beluga is getting a tooth! I hadn't even thought of that, since despite loads of drool, Charlotte didn't get a tooth until after she had turned 1 and I had assumed we would be a late-tooth family (and avoid Daddy's dental analysis as long as possible!) But it wasn't to be.

A touch of pain reliever and she was back to being a sweetie.
I thought these drumsticks deserved a closeup.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Through the Night

In honor of the series finale of LOST, or three hours of church wrestling (more likely), Olivia slept from 7pm to 7am last night. Of course, I didn't - I woke up at 4 and crept in to make sure she was still alive. What a sweetie she is. Having two ladies to tote around with me everywhere I go isn't easy, but it is worlds easier than toting around one 3 year old and one colicky, screaming baby, and for that I am infinitely grateful.

Friday, May 14, 2010

4 Months

Daddy's not-so-little girl

Olivia had her 4 month checkup today. She did great, only crying a little with the shots. Here are her stats:

Weight: 18 lb 3 oz. - 99%
Height: 26.5 inches - 97%
Head: 17.25 inches - 96%

She also decided this week that she didn't want to be swaddled when sleeping anymore. I asked the doctor how to wean her off of the swaddle (one arm at a time? loosen it a bit?) and he said to just not swaddle her. A revolutionary idea! So I decided to test out this novel approach. During her first nap, she cried for 15 minutes and I had to go back in there three times. The second time, she just whimpered and fell asleep. This is a great accomplishment, since I was worried about her getting too hot in that swaddle in the summer heat.

I'm also training her to take a bottle. I didn't have the willpower to ever train Charlotte, but let's face it - I'm used to a fair amount of Olivia crying, so what's some more? She took one bottle yesterday and two today. Not without protest - but I think it is progress.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

We made it

We made it four months! Due to a non-functioning scale, we don't have Miss O's weight, but trust me when I tell you she is a BIG girl, and my arms are feeling the effects of hauling her around. But I am happy to do so as long as she isn't fussing:) To celebrate, we got down the old Jumperoo, and Charlotte helped initiate Olivia into her new play center, which she really loves so far, though her patience for it only comes in short spurts. Hopefully soon she will want to spend as much time in it as Charlotte did at that age. It helped a lot, especially during a week when H and I got super sick and all I could do is lay on the couch and watch her jump.
Charlotte is a great big sister. She can't wait to see her each morning and loves reading with her.
We have also had a great strawberry harvest this year! The other night we brought in a whole container full of them.
We also had an awesome time at the grand opening of Red Mango, a new frozen yogurt place at the Shops at Legacy. They were giving out free bowls of frozen yogurt and toppings for all and Charlotte got a kick out of Junk Jammin' outside with her buddy.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Char Talk

When Charlotte gets stick of her Dora videos, she looks for new material - I've even seen her watching my workout videos (at least someone is). The other day she found our wedding video. I asked her what she was watching and she said, "Mommy's princess movie!" Her favorite parts are those involving two grandmas, the "other mommies" in red dresses, and the veil, which she wants me to explain again and again. Now whenever she pulls it out, she says, "Come on, mom, let's watch this together and talk about it."

She's also been helping out with spring cleaning. I love those Lysol wipes I got last summer - hand her one and she goes to town. She also loves taking baths with Olivia and washing Olivia's hair. I need to get a picture of that, but hello, I only have so many arms.