Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farewell New York

It's Moving Day Eve, and before this laptop gets packed away, I just wanted to give a last farewell to my New York friends. I didn't get a chance to hug each one of you, so I hope you know how much you mean to me. A girl couldn't ask for better friends and I will remember every one of you forever. Literally - I have a great memory for names and faces. Below is just a few of the memories that we share and that I will always be grateful for.

- Girls' Nights!
- All the meals and support when Charlotte was born
- Laughing and chatting (never complaining;) at work
- The 24 Crew
- Moms of babies born in '06-'07 - endless talks about poops and naps
- Serendipity mornings in the freezing cold
- Breadwinner wives - we rule!
- Card club gals - one night a month to count on
- Many funny sunbeam moments
- Help getting the stroller up and down stairs from many wonderful strangers
- Bad jobs (and bosses) and how they made me appreciate the good ones
- Student Tower friends - just a button away
- Roof BBQs
- Baby showers
- Rides to Target, Costco and IKEA
- Exploring the city
- Out of town guests' touristy trips
- Everyone's teeny, crammed apartments and craigslist furniture
- Bus rides to DC and Boston
- Amazing conversations and friendships with smart, understanding people
- Surviving the big city and becoming a better person because of it

I know we'll run into each other again and I can't wait for that to happen. Until then, I'll be reading your blogs. A sincere good luck with all you pursue and PLEASE stop by if you are ever in Dallas (or move here if you get the chance!).


Ellen said...

You probably won't read this until you get to Dallas, but we'll miss you guys a ton. The NY experience with all of you was life-changing, and I agree with you - I'm a better, tougher, cheaper, more outgoing person for it. Thanks for all you've taught me - to laugh, to love 24, and to find bargains. Thank goodness for blogs!

Love, the Hennemans

The Strong Family said...

Hi! I'm an old friend of Helaman's and was watching Ruldoph the other day (I know it's May) and thought of Helaman. I am so happy that I found your blog, you have a beautiful family!! Tell Helaman I said hi, we were friends from EFY and AZ and congrats!! My dad will be very happy to know how well you guys are doing he's always talking about how the only one of my friends who could beat him in ping pong was your hubbie. Take care!
Nicole Strong (Nielsen)

Malesa said...

We are really going to miss you guys. Good luck in TX.

J Montgomery said...

Who would have thought it would be your moving in day that I drop by and actually meet Helaman? It was great to see you and your mom. Beautiful home. Congrats and good luck to Helaman. Good luck to you and Charlotte unpacking those boxes.
Uncle J.

May said...

I really enjoyed getting to know you. You're fun, and frank, and feisty. You're cool. I'll miss you.

Best of luck to you in Texas, welcome back to big skies and a less hurried way of life. Dang, again, I'll really miss you.