Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Class dinner on a midtown roof

So is it just me, or do when people become 300x more flaky than usual when they decide to buy stuff, sell stuff or even just give stuff away on Craigslist?? Obviously Craigslist is a test of character to see how you behave when the person dealing with you doesn't know you and you have zero recorded or public accountability. Recent experiences suggest that a disappointing number of people fail this test all the time. I wonder if Craigslist will ever set up a feedback mechanism like eBay's - I think it could really help the site as I'm sure many get so frustrated with it they bag it completely and look elsewhere for cheap stuff.

Anyway, for you local readers, here are some items for sale that we are trying to get rid of before we leave:

IKEA Poang Chair/Ottoman - $75
Area Rug - $30
Rice Cooker - $5
George Foreman Grill - $10
Low Bookshelf (30" x 57")- $20
Tall Shelves (2 ft x 5 ft)- $20
Computer desk - $15
Corner computer desk - $40
IKEA dimmer lamps (3) - $15 each
Barstools (2) - $5 each
Magazine rack - $5
Entertainment Center - $15

Email me if you want to see any pictures. If you help us move on May 26 there is a good chance you'll be able to walk away with some of this stuff for free, but no guarantees!

I really can't believe we are leaving!!


phil said...

Agreed. We were trying to unload an old couch for free on craigslist, and this person called THREE TIMES asking for me to hold it. Finally I emailed the lady back and told her if she wanted it, it'd be in the dumpster. We'll miss you on the east coast!

Julia said...

I'm still so sad that you guys are actually leaving. At first I thought Charlotte was for sale-- we'd take her;)

I think Eric might have to work on the 26th, if not, we will help you move.

Tamara said...

We are going through the same thing, it is interesting and frustrating.