Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second Chances

Sometimes when I give second chances to things it just doesn't work out, whatever it is just doesn't try to win me back.

I wrote to Target's customer service a couple months ago regarding their treatment of couponers. They sent back a bland, generic "we'll look into it" type of reply. So today I tried getting some bargains for groceries using a bunch of manufacturer and Target coupons I printed. The Target coupons were just not scanning at all, so the checker calls for help and no less than four employees gather around the register and one starts immediately spreading out all 20 of my coupons all over in order to inspect all of them, though it was just the Target coupons that weren't scanning, ironically. She tried to manually punch in a 10 digit code for each 50 cent coupon and it still doesn't work though she tried SEVERAL times on each, making for a very impatient customer (me) who is regretting ever stepping foot in the store and wondering where the last 20 minutes of my life went. The team finally gets those coupons to work and apologizes. But, it's too late. It's over, Target. Sorry. I only give two strikes.

When we lived in New York and I had just had Charlotte, we watched The View a lot, because Rosie O'Donnell was always saying crazy things and stirring up drama. When she famously bailed out of the job, I got a little sick of Joy Behar and her nonstop animosity toward the then-President George W. Bush which really came out once she didn't have Rosie's craziness taking center stage anymore. She can disagree with policies and practices all day, but she certainly didn't have to make personal insults, which seemed irresponsible and disrespectful not to mention extremely immature. I didn't like that kind of nastiness in my home so I stopped watching it. When President Obama took office I thought the tone might be more... cheery? So I gave it another chance. Nope, she still brings up the former President any chance she gets in order to blame him for all of the current President's strategies that don't seem to be working all that well. Strike two.

Artist Rendering

At least, a machine at Gattitown rendering.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Our Sick Day

Today Charlotte and I took a sick day. This is not a picture of her today, but during last month's 24 hour fever/virus. She looks a lot better today than that. She was up at lot at night due to congestion (thanks H for getting up with her) and her nose is running like a faucet today, so instead of embarking on our usual busy Wednesday, we stayed home. I can't believe how much I got done!

- Mopped kitchen, dining area, master bathroom (not sure this bathroom had EVER been thoroughly mopped - terrible)
- Cleaned m. bathroom sinks and shower
- Swept hallway
- Cleaned microwave
- 3 loads of laundry including a jillion socks
- Vacuumed bedroom
- Collected, took out trash and recycling
- Turned on 1 more hour of my defensive driving online course

This is more than I have accomplished in a long time which is why I wanted to record the effort. Thanks to Char for volunteering to watch me while I worked and not making TOO much of a mess elsewhere (the pen drawings did scrub out of the dining room chairs). I feel like maybe we should have a stay at home day every week, though it is hard when Kroger Mega Sales and Pre-Black Fridays deals are going on...
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Monday, November 02, 2009

Pumpkin mania

We went to the Pumpkin Patch with the cub scouts. Charlotte loved seeing Snoopy, and gave him a kiss. Her dad has been showing her Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin a lot!

She also got her first chance at helping carve her own pumpkin, scooping with confidence...and sketching her designs. This girl LOVES to draw, especially faces.
Great job! :) Happy Halloween.