Friday, September 09, 2011


Just in time for some nice sitting outside weather!  My mom and I shopped for some new patio cushion fabric, and she was nice enough to cover my old ones with it, since the squirrels had torn the old ones to shreds.  We are loving the ability to sit out there on cool nights.  Now we just wonder if our shrubs will recover from the hot summer.  Most are fine, but a couple got very brown on top and I'm not sure if they will bounce back.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Best Labor Day ever!

What a great Labor Day!  The weather gave us a big break, and Helaman had the day off.  So he cleaned up the backyard, and we had a good time playing rings (a $2 summer clearance find) and ladder ball in the yard.  Olivia and Charlotte loved rolling around in the grass (despite Olivia's terrible allergic reaction) and it was just so nice to be able to sit around outside. 

Olivia chasing Charlotte with her "mower"
 For lunch we packed a picnic and went down to the Shops at Legacy's fountain pond, where we saw a friendly turtle.  For dessert, we went to our favorite frozen yogurt place - Red Mango.

Amazing weather, please stay for a while!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Night Out

Classic Helaman expression...
This week, we celebrated some of Helaman's co-residents' August birthdays.  We went to III Forks, since it is restaurant week.  It was very fun, since we don't get together all that much except for graduations and Christmas parties.  This year is definitely the busiest for all of them, so they deserved a night out!

Shirley, Erickson, Brockoff, Yates, Navid


This month, Charlotte finished her ballet/tap lessons.  She loved them, and can't wait to take lessons again.  We're taking a break while she starts preschool next week.
Charlotte's other big news was her new bed.  She had definitely outgrown the toddler bed she was sleeping in, and I scoured Craigslist for just the right thing for her.  Unfortunately, as Craigslist often goes, I was usually too late, or had too little room in my car to get what I wanted.  But when Mom came to town, we were able to score this bed!  It was unfinished though, and we sanded and stained away in 100+ degree heat to make it worthy of her room.  We couldn't be happier with the result, and she loves it.
 While Mom was here we also went to the Dallas Children's Museum.  The girls loved the kitchen, water and sand areas.

 We also took advantage of the last days of the pool being open to take some early morning swims, which felt great.  Stay tuned for more project reports - the new patio cushions!