Monday, April 23, 2012

Craigslist success

We got a new piano, and love it!  Thank you Craigslist for supplying to us for free (we just paid for the delivery and tuning).  I liked my front room before, but now I really enjoy being in there.  The girls love to sing along when songs are played, and are excited to learn little tunes of their own.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Grandma-in-Davis's Funeral

My immediate family

Last weekend my dear grandma Pauline - "Grandma-in-Davis" passed away. I spent the weekend in Davis, California joining my family in remembering and honoring the exemplary life she led and the ways in which she touched each of our lives. Growing up, we lived only about an hour away from Grandma's house. We visited frequently and never wanted to leave Grandma's huge smile, hugs and warmth. Though she was Grandma of 45, she knew each of us individually. She gave me a locket with my initials on it when I turned 6 (that I still have), saying that "sometimes the best presents are the smallest." When I called to tell her that I was getting married, she asked to speak to Helaman, telling him he "got the peach!"
Grandma holding me as a baby

I loved Grandma's stories, enthusiasm, and ability to bring our large family together year after year - hosting reunions that we all looked forward to. I'm so grateful for the time that we had to enjoy her. Going to her home in Davis for the last time was sad, remembering all of the times we came there. However, it wasn't the same without Grandma puttering around in the kitchen or chatting someone up in the front room. She will be missed, by no one more than Grandpa, her companion of 68 years. Those two "eloped" to the Manti temple after a short engagement, and are an amazing example of commitment in marriage and the importance of family and faith. Though I know she is busy in the work of the hereafter and enjoying reunification with her 9 siblings who all passed on before she did, her absence here is felt deeply.

Grandma with her 6 kids.  My dad is on the far right.
Same home, 55 years later