Tuesday, February 22, 2005


It has been a really fun weekend. Aaron and Shara got in on Friday night and we met them down in Chinatown where their bus came in. Thenwe went to this great Chinese place, Joe's Shanghai, down there. We stayed up pretty late talking and playing games. I was glad that I had finished scrapbooking all my arizona pictures because they liked to see those (b/c Aaron was in most).

On Saturday we got up really early and went down to TKTS to try to get some good tickets but there really wasn't anything real good left, and even the shows we'd never heard of the cheapest tickets were $50 each. I felt bad because Aaron and Shara were expecting to pay that much and it was fine with them but me and H can't afford it! We said to go without us but they didn't want to do that so we ended up just having lunch and going to museums, going to the Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's cathedral which was amazing, I'd never been there. But it was soooo cold outside.

Then we went to Central Park and took a carriage ride around it. There is an art exhibit up there that just consists of 1700 huge orange flags on the trails of the park. We all thought it was a little weird. If they were a different color it would have been fine but it was like construction orange. Some millionaire put it up.

After that we had some pizza and went to a comedy club we had some free tickets for. Two of the comics were just hilarious and we were all dying laughing, but the others were just not so funny and crude. When that was over we went to Serendipity's for dessert. During the day H's friend from high school Jake called and he and his wife Mary had driven in from Maryland spontaneously and wanted to hang out. So we all went to Serendipity's together and it was really fun but we were sooo exhausted and freezing by the time we got home it was insane because we had to get up so early for church the next day. Somehow we did it though.

When we got home we expected that Aaron and Shara would want to go see more sights but they were too tired so we just came home and took naps and then played games and made/ate dinner for the rest of the evening. Jake and Mary came over later and we made some ice cream. It snowed pretty heavily on President's Day morning and so we opted to stay in bed while Aaron and Shara went down to Times Square and wandered around a bit. They just barely got back to get their stuff and go catch the bus.

It was really fun, they are great to hang out with and were up to do pretty much anything. And since we really hadn't talked to Aaron for so long it was good to catch up on everything and hear about how they are doing in Boston. Shara is nice, it was hilarious to talk to her about the whole Stephanie/Aaron dilemma and all that drama.

This weekend I got a major windburn on my cheeks from beingoutside so much and so I look like raggady ann with my rosy cheekstoday. Hilery sent me a picture of her new dog - sooo cute. And I'm not a dog person.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Getting Started

One of the main reasons I can't ever keep up a regular journal is that I hate to write with pens and pencils and all those 20th century relics. A sub-reason is that my husband, Helaman, reads my journals in his spare time. While there isn't anything in there I'm trying to hide, I now want to hide it just to spare myself the mocking I get from him regarding pre-marriage entries about other dates, other guys and the silly things that you decide to write about late at night.

I do, however, believe in making some sort of record of your life if for no other reason than to pass some of the lessons you learn along. I got this idea from the show "Felicity". Felicity and I went through college at exactly the same time - 1998-2002 - and she made tapes to her friend Sally and it seemed to serve a theraputic purpose, as well as a narrative purpose, without being overly cheesy like some pathetic voice-overs in dramas can be.

Along the Same Lines

Yesterday I read "The Secret Life of Bees" which was pretty good, a story about a young girl in the Civil Rights Era south. A quick read anyway.

Last night since there aren't any shows on that I like to watch I got completely involved in fiddling around with Picasa again and spent hours doing it and editing all kinds of pictures to make me look like an amazing photographer. It is a big project, which is nice because it tends to keep me occupied for a while when H is studying. However, it will cost me since now I want to order all new prints that have been edited. I had about 30 prints all ready to be scrapbooked, now they will go to waste. Oh well.

H and I are such nerds. We watch Jeopardy every night and now we are keeping score with eachother and whoever wins has to clean up dinner.