Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Inner Space Caverns

On our way home from Austin, we saw all these billboards advertising "Inner Space Caverns" so we decided to stop for lunch and check it out.  They stumbled on these caverns while drilling the I-35 highway, and they were pretty cool!  The girls were troopers, walking almost a full mile through the caverns and back during the tour.

In the caverns they found bones from the wooly mammoth, saber tooth tiger, a type of horse and camel that are extinct, and others.

Family Time

Last weekend we got the chance to see our extended family at Lighthouse Hill Ranch outside Austin.  It was hot, but we had a great time tubing in the river, rinsing off in the grotto, and relaxing in a blow up pool.  The ranch had cows and horses wandering around, and the backyard area had a fire pit we took full advantage of, despite the raging temperatures.  The girls loved seeing their cousins and Charlotte still can't stop talking about her "favorite" thing ever - reunions:)  Thanks to everyone for coming out!