Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Charlotte's Crib

To celebrate Martin Luther King day this year we carved out a corner of our bedroom and set up Charlotte's bed. Making good use of it now are my old Raggady Ann and Raggady Andy dolls, freshly washed and ready for their new playmate. Special thanks to the grandmas who provided the crib and the bedding to make such a cute area for her! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 14, 2007

28 weeks!

To celebrate my 28th week of pregnancy, I got a really fun shot at the doctor's office. Since Christmas, my belly has really started to show and I'm happy to say that people have been really nice in giving me their seats on the subway as a result. Venturing to Target yesterday, I took a suitcase thinking that I could wheel all the groceries home instead of carrying them by hand. I didn't really take into consideration the 50 stairs to get to the subway platform though! Fortunately a really nice person helped me lift it up to the train, and another person helped me get the suitcase out of the subway when I got to my stop, even though he was going the other way. It made me feel good that there are so many thoughtful people around willing to help a stranger out on a rainy Saturday.

So here is a picture of me today in a dress that Helaman picked out at the Limited last week. Posted by Picasa