Monday, October 26, 2009


This week there were a couple of really nice days and Charlotte and I decided to go out and pick up the acorns that had fallen from our tree. We had a ton of fun. I had gotten the idea to make them into a wreath from a Martha Stewart Living magazine, so while the acorns dried in the oven, off we went to Michael's to get the wreath form, my first glue gun and a ribbon (all with JoAnn 50% off coupons, of course!). I also got some almonds and hazelnuts to add color, and the next few days really enjoyed putting this together. I wish I was a better bow-maker, however...

This was another project I mentioned before - cleaning up the living room area and making some sense of all the toys. I LOVE this shelving unit and the tubs that I found on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Family Picture! At Safety Town's annual trick or treat fest. This year we wised up and get there very early, so we could get good parking, and in and out in a reasonable amount of time and avoid the crowd. Charlotte the Kitty was nervous at first but warmed up to it...

... due to her dad's enthusiasm for candy (notice he is already snacking on the booty!)

But of course her favorite part was the go-carts.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last of the Harvest

We've been watching this watermelon grow in our garden for quite a while, and decided it was finally time to pick it. We think it finally decided to grow (after being planted in early April!) was because I cut back the cucumbers which were monopolizing the nutrients.

It still may have been too soon for picking... or something. It was edible but didn't exactly have much flavor.Our tomatoes also decided to come out in full force, but doubt they will have time to really ripen well due to the chilly weather that has come. Oh well - maybe next year.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our September

It was Plano Balloon Festival time again in September! Luckily the weather had just turned nice and it was a lot of fun to sit outside and watch the balloons.

When it got dark they lit up all the balloons. Next year hopefully we'll stay for the fireworks. This time Charlotte had had it by that time.I got a new soft green cover for my Boppy pillow which Charlotte really likes. I found her looking so comfortable reading her books that I picked up another Boppy at a garage sale (for $2!!!) just in case we need two of them.

In other news, we have decided to reclaim our living room from the Toy Takeover that has dominated our first year in Texas. I didn't take a picture, but visitors will remember that toys were pretty much all over the room (the room you first see on entering our house no less), and at their best shoved against the wall or all in big toy tubs. No more!! We got an IKEA shelving unit that holds all of them and I can't believe the difference. Charlotte can find all of her toys and everything has a distinct spot. I'm wondering why I didn't do this before. I think it was so hot this summer my brain fried, and now it is [somewhat] emerging again. So... this Christmas, since we will have to stay at home, we're going to be able to enjoy a nice living room to sit in once we get some furniture, which is in process.

Helaman is on his family medicine rotation now, which has been a lot kinder to him schedule-wise than surgery and the tales are less harrowing than neurology.

I have been busy this month with home organization/furniture research, cub scouts, book club, playgroup and as always deal seeking. I feel sooo much better now that it has cooled down and my energy is back. I love fall!