Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Harlem Happenings

Greetings faithful readers. First off thanks for your support during my hermetic study days. I can breathe a small sigh of relief now that the boards are over. I guess this is the first sigh in a two part sigh. The final sigh will come on the day that I receive my score, and hopefully that sigh is not my last breath. Anyways, moving along with my summer.
Today I started a rotation at Harlem Hospital in Oral Surgery and Physical Diagnosis. The hospital is located on the corner of 135th St. and Malcolm X Blvd. It is very interesting working in an environment where you are the minority. I must say I enjoyed my first day very much, especially the discussion on Spike Lee movies and the "black experience." Seriously though, the residents are very helpful and always willing to teach and I am sure my next three weeks will be very educational.
In other news an old TV friend resurfaced. The food network has a show that is hosted by Marc Summers. That's right our favorite Double Dare host is back and not surprisingly this show also highlights various colored whipped toppings. Double Dare always bugged me when the bright orange flag would be sitting on top of the whipped cream in plain sight, while the contestant rolled around in it. In the end though that is really what Nickelodeon was about in the 90s, some sort of slime, goo, or whipped topping dropping, flinging, or flying onto some kid trying to win a kareoke machine and a new bike. Until next time, have a relaxing summer.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

First, a picture of Helaman in his natural habitat as of late. He studies downstairs because at home I distract him. On July 10 he will take his test and be a free man, so wish him luck!
The study room is awesome because if you go out those doors on the balcony, the next picture is what you see. I can't get enough of living on a river!

I got up early this Saturday to go to breakfast with a friend. I didn't want to sacrifice my sleep in day at first, but getting up and out was great, and no one was around! I think a ton of people have skipped town due to the 4 day weekend (only the grinchiest of workplaces are open on Monday!) and the others I guess slept in. We had a great day wandering up and down Columbus Avenue - if you are wondering, the 70th Street Banana Republic is closed! We found this out after an hour of searching. Giving us the chance to work off the french toast and pancakes, of course... Posted by Picasa