Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Rebate Day

For a couple months Charlotte has been emptying this shelf, and every time I've cleaned it up. Finally I just packed it up and our lives are much better.

In my very brief and ill-conceived corporate recruiting career here in the city I was instrumental (by handling the logistics of the extensive interview process) in getting Bob Evans his job as CEO of Churchill Downs. So... Helaman and I watched our first Kentucky Derby last week and I was rooting for Eight Belles to be the next filly to win it. How tragic that she gave it her all, came in second and then died right there on the track after breaking both ankles. How depressing!!

Helaman finally gave me a checkup and cleaning yesterday since I hadn't had one in a couple years since finishing the Invisalign. I'm happy to report 28 years = no cavities!
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Andrea said...

28 years and no cavities! That is AWESOME!!!! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

So you haven't had a cavity since you were 6? That's awesome!

Ann said...

Christina's never had a cavity! All my kids inherited their Dad's good teeth gene!
All kids should have a very small space that is theirs to crawl into. Charlotte is just too cute for words!! Not that I am biased or anything.
Grandma B.

mommyknows said...

Charlotte is too cute! I hope she has a shelf in TX she can wreak havoc on!

No cavities ... good girl.


Mary * Jake Epstein said...

You were working? I thought you were full time Mom the past year...

and cute tooth-character. we actually used that same one for my sis's dental assisting graduation - jake made cute centerpieces!