Sunday, September 16, 2007

weekend in pictures

can I please have an ice cream cone?

This week Charlotte and I went to the park. While she's not ready for the monkey bars, she does enjoy watching the squirrels and seeing different scenery (as do I).

Didn't Mom tell you to shave?

Charlotte loves to feel Helaman's stubbly face. Her skin is so sensitive that it gets really red when he kisses her!

Too much partying

On Saturday, I had two baby showers to go to celebrating Stacey's little boy and Emma's little girl. Charlotte sacked out during the first one, though she thoroughly enjoyed being there as one of the girls.

Cold (and windy) outside!

The temperature rapidly dropped this weekend. We thought it would be fun to eat our dinner on the roof on Friday and watch this great sunset, but it was too windy! Luckily Sunday was a little better and we were able to get together with a bunch of friends for a roof BBQ - where was my camera?
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The Bakers said...

Charlotte is such a doll. I can't decide who she looks more like. In some pictures she looks like you and then others she looks like Helaman. Either way, you guys have a cutie patootie. I love that she's totally bald because that's how Alli was until she was about a year old.