Sunday, September 23, 2007

open mouth, insert foot

I'd rather have a foot in my mouth than a bottle!

Andy, Charlotte's first boyfriend. She was enamored with his thick red hair.

Puttin the moves on Lincoln.
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Amber Robbins said...

Oh how fun to hear from you! What a beautiful daughter you have-and you look great. Are you liking NY? Shoot me an email with your phone number...I'd love to chat!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I think my current feeding problems are a result of everything else going in Ellie's mouth but what should be going in there! :)

Julia said...

She is so big! You need to come and have lunch with me some time-- and bring Charlotte!

Julianne said...

That little boy - Lincoln - is so adorable, I would make a move on him too! Especially if I were as cute as Charlotte.
(Lincoln's Aunt Julianne)