Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Char Talk

When Charlotte gets stick of her Dora videos, she looks for new material - I've even seen her watching my workout videos (at least someone is). The other day she found our wedding video. I asked her what she was watching and she said, "Mommy's princess movie!" Her favorite parts are those involving two grandmas, the "other mommies" in red dresses, and the veil, which she wants me to explain again and again. Now whenever she pulls it out, she says, "Come on, mom, let's watch this together and talk about it."

She's also been helping out with spring cleaning. I love those Lysol wipes I got last summer - hand her one and she goes to town. She also loves taking baths with Olivia and washing Olivia's hair. I need to get a picture of that, but hello, I only have so many arms.


Christianne said...

That is SOO cute. A great way to teach her lots of important things too.

lrbodine said...

I hadn't thought about showing Ellie my wedding video! She just looks at the pictures of Rob and I and talks about how she wants to be a princess like me someday..... (I love that Char talks about the "other mommies" too). Kids are great!

Eva said...

Sarah thinks I was a princess when I got married too :). And that she's a princess now. Too bad we live so far away that our princesses can't play together!