Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wait... what?

I thought I had jinxed myself with the previous post; the last couple days Miss O has been super cranky. But, it turns out my little beluga is getting a tooth! I hadn't even thought of that, since despite loads of drool, Charlotte didn't get a tooth until after she had turned 1 and I had assumed we would be a late-tooth family (and avoid Daddy's dental analysis as long as possible!) But it wasn't to be.

A touch of pain reliever and she was back to being a sweetie.
I thought these drumsticks deserved a closeup.


kalina said...

I laughed when I read "drumsticks." ha ha! so cute.

Heidi said...

She is so.... Cute! Love the drumsticks!!! Isn't Tylenol and IB Profin a mothers best friend!