Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Talk

Olivia has gotten a lot better. It didn't happen overnight, and there is still room for improvement - especially at night, but certainly life is getting easier for all of us.
Today I even tackled the project of cleaning out Charlotte's closet. I found no less than 47 packs of diapers. Needless to say, every time there has been a great sale in the last couple years, I have stocked up. I never pay more than $5 for a pack and in most cases much less thanks to CVS extra bucks, Walgreens register rewards, and three computers from which to print the maximum amount of coupons from every source. I have wanted to inventory the sizes for a while, so it felt good to be able to accomplish that. During this, Olivia sat patiently in her chair while Charlotte tried various pairs of shoes on her feet.

She has even let me make a dinner or two! After our frozen meals ran out, I still couldn't spend the time to make a decent dinner without constant fussing and crying - and grocery store trips were a nightmare - so the last couple months we have eaten out a LOT, and thanks to my part time job/hobby as a secret shopper we haven't had to pay for most of it. But, even eating out gets old when you do it 5 times a week, so I've tried to work in some homemade meals I can do quickly while she looks on from her Bumbo perch (she loves it, I promise - I just couldn't resist that picture of her lower lip coming out). I've always liked to cook (and definitely bake), but doing so with a crying soundtrack really curbed its appeal, so I'm looking forward to actually having stuff in the fridge on a regular basis again.

H is doing oral surgery again following a few months of med school rotations, which means he gets paid (yay!) but probably only enough to pay for the health insurance (no!) Oh well. In the meantime Charlotte and I meandered across the street during our neighborhood garage sale and found this gem that she's had a great time with lately.


Christy and Jason said...

Seriously, $5 a pack---amazing and that train table was a serious score.

lrbodine said...

47 packs of diapers?! Wow! I'm impressed. I need to get on board with CVS and Walgreens. Just not a fan of shopping with 2 kids yet so haven't gotten caught up! And that train table looks awesome. Too bad we live so far away - Ellie would be over there every day playing with Charlotte!

Jen said...

ok - you need to teach me your ways! I should start stalking up on diapers now!!

Annlbtx said...

I love that train track!! I am sure Charlotte will enjoy that for a long time.

andrea gale said...

man, you guys always did know how to get a good deal. when the second coming hits, you guys are going to be made in the shade. miss you guys!

Malesa said...

I can't believe 1.) that you have that many packs of diapers and 2.) that you have enough room to store them! Amazing!
I love the picture of your baby with her pouty lip. Oh, and thanks for the tips for my own little babycakes last month. She is getting better, but I'm still not at that stage where I cook full on meals either. I ordered a bumbo for her, so maybe she will follow Olivia's footsteps.
In the meantime, it's many a spagetti nights.