Monday, August 04, 2008


I've never liked the look of a cluttered fridge. But... we love getting magnets. I didn't want a dorm-room style magnet/cork board you can buy at Staples. So, inspired by Helaman's cousin, I created this magnet board to contain all of them. First I had to decide on a suitable frame size and shape. Then it was very tough to track down the "magnet receptive" material that I put in the frame. I looked everywhere and ended up buying it online. In the end though I love it!

In other news, Charlotte got her 4th tooth and has fallen in love with the little cars at the supermarket she can ride around in that are attached to the cart. Genius! Last time she didn't want to get out when we were done - I could've shopped for another hour!

Helaman's schedule has slowed down a little and we are seeing him a lot more now, especially with the new edger/weedeater Dad got him that saves a few hours when he does the lawn.
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lrbodine said...

That's cute - and a great idea! You need to post more pictures of how your house is shaping up.

Christianne said...

wHat a great idea! You have some super cute magnets. I just have super hero ones at my house but I throw them in the trash when I get the chance (there are a ton). I would love to see instructions on how to do it so I can do one. Who knows I just might start collect magnets.

Malesa said...

I love that! It really makes me want to collect magnets.