Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Charbaby

Charlotte has become a lot more brave playing in the play area at the mall lately. Usually bowled over by bigger, more obnoxious kids, and scared to death - today she got out there and had fun.

Though riding this horse wasn't her favorite (she's a lot more cautious about horseback riding than I am - that's good).

I looked over at the bookcase a few minutes ago and saw this scene. It is significant. I was working at the computer and Charlotte made herself busy dumping her milk sippy cup on the bookshelf here. I saw that and told her she needed to clean it up to which request she laughed hysterically, and to be truthful, I did too - I mean, here I am asking a baby to clean up her own mess. As if. A few minutes later I looked over and saw that rag sitting there and the milk cleaned up! She had gone into the kitchen, gotten a rag from the one cabinet that is not childproofed, and mopped it up! I couldn't believe my eyes - which is why I took a picture, just to be sure it happened.


Ted and Hilery said...

Charlotte and Nora would be good friends. Nora only enjoys the mall play area when there are less kids. If there are a lot of kids, she just sits back and watches instead of playing. And if someone touches her or bumps into her, watch out! I will hear in a very annoyed, mean voice, "Don't touch me!".

Sher said...

i think that is one of the greatest stories i have ever heard. it has made me smile all day.

Mary&Jake Epstein said...

that is so cute! -Mary & Jake Epstein