Saturday, July 19, 2008

Land of the Blazing Sun

Charlotte lived out her dreams of having someone there to constantly play and read with her last weekend when my parents came to visit. Dad spent a ton of time out in the blazing sun picking up the slack from our amateur lawn efforts - thanks Dad! We also had fun shopping, and eating homemade ice cream and frozen custard. Charlotte and I were sad to see them go. It's a twosome here these days with Helaman working an insane amount of hours - his residency is not considered a "medical" residency and thus is not governed by their 80-hour workweek maximum. However, we did catch a glimpse of him last night and we were able to go out to dinner using a gift card we got in the mail, one of the many "welcome to the city" freebies we've gotten lately, before getting home and him promptly collapsing on the couch.

Speaking of freebies, I have to report the best deal we've gotten in a long time and give kudos to Helaman and his dad for making it happen. A free laser printer! When Helaman was driving the moving truck across the country, at a hotel he checked the internet for deals and saw that Office Depot had an HP LaserJet printer/scanner/copier on sale for $199 with two $100 mail-in rebates. By sheer luck Helaman's dad spotted an Office Depot driving through Knoxville, TN. They had one left and they threw it in the moving truck. We got our rebates last week and the rest is history. There is nothing more frustrating than a crappy printer - it is really nice to have a good one.


Jessica said...

hope you guys are surviving residency... let the fun begin! call me if you want to vent... and take advantage of gma and gpa as much as you can. :)

Pete said...

Geez, Charlotte is getting so big! I can't believe you let Dad tackle the lawn. He already slaves over his own lawn. Two lawns in July Texas heat?

emily said...

She sure looks like a Broadbent to me! But you and Helaman look a lot alike too! Good luck in residency, Beth's excited that they're halfway through. How long is Helaman's?