Sunday, May 28, 2006

Standing on the Edge of tomorrow

Greetings. I have decided to jump on the very large bandwagon, get with the times, and post a blog. Blog is a funny word. It sounds like some sort of a hideous swamp creature that preys on children and small dogs. As most of you tech savvy readers out there know, blog comes from a shortened form of the words "web log." I have a friend who's last name is Webb, he could literally have a Webb log. So anyway I am getting with 21st century pop culture and am ready to lay it all out there for family, friends, and weirdos in basements who live vicariously through reality TV and blogs.

For anyone who recognizes the title of this post.....bravo, you were most likely a teen in the 90s. For those who don't recognize, it is the theme song from Saved By the Bell: The College Years. That's right I went there. I really can't contemplate why this show was ever cancelled, although it probably had something to do with Zach Morris being 35 and a freshman in college. What message does that send to the kids? Maybe that it is okay to wait to go to college, or that it is never to late and don't give up, or possibly pick the biggest nerd, aka Screech Powers, and make him your slave through high school and even on into college. I tell you reader, that the wacky hijinks of Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, and AC Slater taught me some of life's greatest lessons (insert sardonic sneer).

The reason I even bring it up though is because I am in school and have in fact just this last week finished 2nd year of dental school (please hold the applause for when there is someone around). Yours truly will soon be sitting in front of some poor sap (most likely a Dominican) holding a hot piece of machinery that the lay person calls a drill, but as a dentist I call it a handpiece. That's right next time you are at the dentist mention something about his handpiece and I am sure he will be impressed. I had an operative dentistry professor whose goal was to break us of the habit of calling the handpiece a drill. The ironic part is that we made a tee shirt with the slogan "You Know the Drill" for the incoming freshman. When he saw that shirt he went ballistic, knowing the power of tee shirt slogans. Technically it was put on the tee shirt as a result of me coming up with the theme but in actuality Christina brainstormed the idea and I presented it, and won. Ask her about it, true story.

On a completely different note we watched the documentary Supersize Me this weekend. The basic story is that a healthy man eats McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days. During this time he is being monitored by three doctors. Interestingly enough his health deteriorates rather rapidly and he is almost forced to quit the pseudo scientific case report. He endures and the audience is grossed out. I recommend this show to everyone. So go rent it and become temporarily motivated to stop eating fast food!

And finally, Happy Birthday Mark or should I say Feliz Cumpleanos Senor Mark.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I totally recognized the title to your blog. And I'm a big "Saved by the Bell" fan...Well, only the high school years (yes, even their 2nd senior year w/Tori) and the College Years. Fortunately for me it comes on TBS every morning right around when Everett gets up. I'm making sure he becomes a fan as well.

And yes, "Supersize Me" is absolutely nauseating. But could I stop watching? Of course not.

Pam Erickson said...

I'm glad to see Helaman has joined the bloggers.

I have a dental appointment in about a week. I can't wait to call the drill a "hand piece" and really freak the doctor out by my knowledge.

the movie, "Supersize Me" sounds interesting. Maybe we will try it.

phil said...

one of the more humorous blogs i've read

k smith said...

So glad you haven't forgotten us.
Some of us are so lucky to be living in New York City and some in Nicosia Cyprus.

Wish you were here. . . .

And yes, oh how we love you and we are very proud of you.

Hope to see you October 2007

The Smiths

Anonymous said...

Hey Helaman!
What's the worst part of starting up a blog?
Telling your parents that you're gay.