Saturday, May 27, 2006

memorial weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Last July we took a trip down to Washington DC to get out of the city for a bit and visit my old roommates Christianne and Sarah - here's me with the Jefferson Memorial. That is a long walk around all those monuments! Helaman is busy now studying for his first board exam in mid-July, so we'll be putting off our summer trips until after that is over.

It's kind of a muggy day in New York today, so I'm staying in to do a little cleaning, and am taking a break right now! One thing I love about our apartment building is that there is a washing machine and dryer on every floor. Most people have to go several blocks to a laundry mat and sit there while it gets done.

Quote from Middlemarch:
"But what we strive to gratify, though we may call it a distant hope, is an immediate desire; the future estate for which men drudge up city alleys exists already in their imagination and love." - Chapter 42 Posted by Picasa

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