Sunday, May 21, 2006

Birthdays and other fun

In my blog, no post is complete without a picture, so I'll include one of the last ones we took, a couple months ago at my birthday party held at "Queen of Sheba", an Ethiopian restaurant Helaman surprised me with. Apparently, in Ethiopia when people have food (all the National Geographic magazines I've ever read say they don't) - they eat on huge plates sitting in baskets like this. You pick up your food with flatbread.

My last blog entry was about a year ago... and since I finally have my life back after changing jobs twice it will be fun to keep it up again.


phil said...

You should get that adsense to put on your blog spot. It isn't that big of an advertisement, and you get paid if people click on the ad.

redefinEdworld said...

that is so funny, i took my friend there on my birthday as a surprise...nice restaurant