Saturday, December 13, 2014

Early Christmas!

The kids got an early Christmas gift this year when our new playset for the backyard arrived!  We're so happy to actually have the space for one now, and they have been making good use of it and really enjoying the beautiful weather we've had.

We also enjoy taking walks down to the ponds in the neighborhood where hundreds of new ducks have taken up residence lately.  They love old corn tortillas.

Other news is that this big boy is now enrolled in preschool with Olivia, allowing me a few hours a week to get things done solo.  I don't know how you parents of boys do it - lately he has just been terrorizing our home, systematically going from room to room getting everything out.


Annlbtx said...

Looks like A LOT of fun!! I am glad that you got something sturdy for the backyard.
That t-shirt that Eliott is wearing looks very similar to one that Peter and Steve had when they were a little older than Elliott.
That pond looks fun too.

lrbodine said...

Fun play set! I want to come join in the outdoor fun. And I am a little jealous that Elliot is already in a preschool program. Chloe was always super active and busy - but Asher takes busy to a whole new level. Good thing they are so cute!!