Sunday, June 02, 2013

Is it summer yet?

At long last, May is over!  Time is creeping by as we await our little boy's arrival to our family.  During the month, we had fun with cousins who came to visit.
Helaman and the girls have logged some serious time at parks, making the most of the nice weather before it gets too hot.  Charlotte has become proficient at the monkey bars.  They have also turned our backyard into a nature preserve with three birdhouses that birds are coming from far and wide to feed from. 
Olivia wrapped up her year with her buddies that she played with each week at playgroup.  The first week they all played at our house, they all followed me around the house and I thought it would be a long year!  But they got used to playing together and grew up a lot during the year.  Olivia is very excited to be a big sister.  Every day she kisses my belly and introduces herself to her baby brother.  She also loves giving him hugs, singing to him and listening to his heartbeat at my doctor appointments.  Her favorite book to read lately is "The Little Red Hen" and can "read" it to us!
This weekend we went bowling.  Charlotte was very proud to get a higher score than me.  She is also excited about her last week of school - full of fun activities.  She has become a great writer and loves to come home and write about the fun things she does with our family and at school.  She also reads very well, and has read several pages of "Charlotte's Web" to me as well as many other books from her shelf.  The girls both love to go to the library and spend lots of time looking at books together.
I am chugging along and looking forward to school being out!  Charlotte is such a big help, especially with cleaning.  She is a great little vacuumer.  Helaman has had a rough weekend on call - good thing it is one of his last. 

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E B said...

Good luck! Thanks for the updates. I saw your parents this weekend - great fun to get caught up on everyone in your family.