Sunday, September 02, 2012

First Week of School

This was Charlotte's first week of school.  She was so excited, and did great walking into her class and settling right in.  Her day is 7 hours long, so I thought she might be tired after, but all of the activities seem to energize her even more!  After the first two days, I told her that she had to walk to her class all by herself from now on.  She worried about it most of the previous day, but asked for help in her prayers the night before.  When I dropped her off, she hopped right out of the car and didn't look back.  At this point I was more nervous than she was.  I drove back by the school, but didn't see her sobbing outside, so I went home and proceeded to worry about it all day until I picked her up.  She said she found her class just fine and was extremely proud of herself.  Watching her grow up is so fun.

To keep myself busy this week, I had some painting projects in the garage.  When we were in Houston, my mom spotted an old dresser on the side of the road waiting for trash pickup that was an ugly 90's wood color, but in good shape otherwise.  We shoved it into my car and took it apart so that I could take it back home with me.  I started sanding it down, then went and got some paint and supplies.  When I was grocery shopping, I came home to find that Helaman had finished the sanding, taken it completely apart and had already put the primer on.  Looks like he needed a project too!  He has his weekends [somewhat] back, yay!  We worked on it off and on all week, and I LOVE the result.  I only wish I had a before picture.  My favorite part are the perfect knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.  This was also my first attempt at using antique glaze.  It's not perfect but not bad for someone who has no clue what she is doing.  Olivia can now open and close her drawers without assistance (hallelujah) and the room just looks a thousand times cuter.

I also spray painted the kitchen cabinet knobs since the garage was set up for painting.  So four years later, I think every knob in this house has been painted or replaced! 


E B said...

Sarah's first day is Tuesday - I'm so nervous for her! She has to ride the bus (that's standard here) and I really hope she'll get on it. I hope the practice ride at Orientation was enough practice.

lrbodine said...

Charlotte looks so grown up! That is a long day although I think Eliza would like it - we just have half day which I am mixed about!

The dresser looks awesome! What a great find and project.

Christianne said...

The dressers looks great in the kids room. Lucky find.

Christianne said...

The dressers looks great in the kids room. Lucky find.

Anna said...

I love the little sign Charlotte is holding! I am loving the boys having so many free weekends and I know ya'll are!
The dresser is awesome!! You guys did a great job! I do wish you had a before picture. I can't believe it was in the trash!

Ellen said...

Congrats to Charlotte and that dresser is amazing. I didn't even understand half the words you used to describe the transformation process, but it looks awesome.