Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October in a nutshell

I can't believe it has almost been two months since I have updated this blog!  October was crazy.  We finally solidified after melting all summer, and have been out enjoying the fall.  Helaman logged 16+ hour days most days of the month (including weekends), and we are celebrating the end of his VA Hospital rotation (for now). 
First, we went to my parents house in Houston for conference weekend.  The girls enjoyed matching skirts, ice cream cones, many park days with Grandma, and running around the house terrorizing everyone during each session. 
Next, we hit up some sweet garage sales.  I scored these brand new matching dresses and plenty of other clothes that I surely do not need, but are super fun to have.  Seems like all garage sale stuff is like that...
Then it was time for the ward trunk or treat, in which Miss Olivia won second prize in the children's division for Best Costume.
 October can't go by without a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Here's our best shot, with random kid in it and all.
This fine looking gentleman is the rarely glimpsed Helaman, who stood in line with us for an hour to get into Safety Town, though he had been up since the wee hours.  I guess he had to put in his time, as he has consumed more candy this week than all of us combined.
 An out of sequence shot of a park day.
 My lighting was off for these shots, I hope you can appreciate the hours we put into carving this year, as always.
My little sweeties in front of the library.


vdg family said...

So fun!

lrbodine said...

So cute! Obviously we still have the same taste - Ellie was the chicken this year like Olivia and we also own that fairy dress in our dress up collection. Looks like a fun month - minus the lack of husband for most of it!

Ted and Hilery said...

Your girls are adorable.
I can't believe Helaman's crazy work schedule. Is there an end in sight?
Glad you are doing well! You look great, as always!