Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good News Excerpt

November has been a much better month.  We were able to enjoy a delightful evening at RA Sushi (my favorite) on a perfect night for sitting outside.  The lights were up at the Shops at Legacy, providing quite the holiday atmosphere.  Yum!  I also enjoyed a fabulous Supper Club and a visit from Grandma B.

Sometimes (always) I gripe about Customer Service, so I thought I would highlight some companies that have done me right as we start this holiday shopping season.  Recently my watch broke.  Helaman bought it for me for our first Valentine's Day together, and when I brought it to a repair shop they said it would be $70 fix.  Since that was more than it was worth, I thought I'd just get a new one.  I started looking, but also emailed Guess, the manufacturer, explaining my dilemma and asking how much it would be for them to fix it.  They emailed back the next day, and said they would fix it for free if I paid for shipping.  They would also replace the scratched crystal, as that was under warranty.  Yay!

It always pays to contact the manufacturer, as I have seen when I got a defective KitchenAid knife block from  Kohl's (at a great discount) and my Breville blender blew up. 

This week Kroger sent me some cookies to try:


I must admit that I am a tad biased against store-bought cookies, as I personally love to whip up a batch of cookie dough and smell them baking in the kitchen.  But... lacking the motivation and energy to do so lately, it was nice to have some ready made ones available for munching as an alternative to the endless amount of Halloween candy we still have.  I popped one of them (okay, several) in the microwave, and they came out warm and tasty.  The consistency wasn't as soft as I normally prefer, but the flavor was good, and the cookies had no problem being devoured quickly in my house.  If you'd like some coupons to try em, let me know!

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lrbodine said...

Hmmm - we were sent the same cookies! Rob loves them. He loves Chips Ahoy and they were like a better version of Chips Ahoy to him! :)