Friday, July 08, 2011


My little baby is 18 months old today! Which means, of course, she goes to nursery officially. She has been going to nursery unofficially for a few weeks now, and though there have been rough weeks, hopefully she will warm up to it soon.

We love Olivia! There is so much to love about her. Most of all, I love her cuddling. Many times when I am sitting on the couch she will come up and just snuggle up next to me. She loves to give hugs and kisses, and all of her chubby baby rolls just make her deliciously squishy and fun.

She loves to play with people - especially Charlotte. Swimming in our blow up pool, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, rolling balls, and barbies are her favorites. She makes hilarious faces and is able to say a ton of words. Several times a day she will come up to me with a book and command, "Read!"

Olivia also loves to sing and be sung to. Most of all, she loves the Primary songs. She's never been a great car traveler, but once I burned a CD with primary songs on it she has been great in the car. When she sings, she doesn't enunciate her words perfectly, but her tone is great, so you can tell what she is singing!

We love you Olivia, thank you for being part of our family. It wouldn't be the same without you!

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Anonymous said...

Olivia looks so adorable (just like her big sister Charlotte) I just want to hug, kiss and squeez her. She is sooo snuggly and sweet. I miss her cute little voice singing little songs. It was so fun seeing you all at Helaman's graduation.

Luv ya all!

Grandma Erickson