Monday, July 25, 2011

July whoas

July has not been the best month in the history of our family.
  • Over the holiday weekend, our air conditioning went out. The replacement unit was $2500.
  • Charlotte decided to swing from our chandelier, which fell down into thousands of small pieces of glass.
  • Our blender, which has faithfully been making us smoothies all summer, burst into flames.
  • A once-promising garden has all but died, due to lack of water and abundance of weeds.
  • Helaman's schedule has been terrible, and his dept is having "trouble" finding the funds he is due for two weeks of his pay.
  • Olivia has had massive 18 month old sleep regression. Won't go down, nap, etc. without hours of crying. Separation anxiety is at a peak as well.
However, there is an upside to each problem. We didn't have to replace our entire AC system, no one was underneath the 50 lb. chandelier when it fell, Breville is sending a free replacement blender, and our basil is thriving. Helaman has a job, however cruel and unusual, and Olivia is... so cute! See? Thanks for listening to my ranting.


Christy and Jason said...

oh man, what a month! Here's hoping your August is a vast improvement:)

Eva said...

Wow! Charlotte looks almost exactly like my earliest memories of you! Good luck with all that stuff, sounds like you've got a great attitude to keep you going.

Kristen said...

When it rains it pours!!! BUT....there is always a calm after the storm. I hope things are looking up for you guys.

vdg family said...

What is with those schedules?! W just finished his ultra-crazy year and I prayed my hardest all year long for him . . . and me. You are a saint! You are finding ways to make everything fun.