Sunday, March 13, 2011

so it goes

We have loved our early spring! Walking to the park has been a daily outing, and these girls love to swing and slide. They are starting to have a lot of fun playing together, which is a pleasure to see!
Olivia is a big cuddler. She loves climbing up on laps, and it is so fun to squeeze her.
When she started popping out of her 18 and 24 month clothes, I went through all of Charlotte's old clothes and found several cute outfits that fit her great - mainly those that Charlotte wore last summer.

We also enjoy going to the library. I love this picture, due to her deep concentration, completely unaware of how hilarious the hat is.
Helaman is finishing up the last of his med school requirements before graduation in May. He is enjoying the stake basketball tournament, March Madness brackets, and following the up and down b-ball saga of his alma mater-in-law, BYU. His spring break is coming up at the end of the month, and we are celebrating by going on a Caribbean cruise! We are looking forward to it, almost as much as Charlotte is looking forward to spending time with her Grandma (she has mentioned it about twice a day for a month).

I am doing my usual stuff - finding deals, attending playgroups, training Olivia to walk, making smoothies and eating out. I have also become the unlikely head of a passionate but slightly uncommitted opposition force to the neighborhood HOA's shocking new assessment fine associated with building a redundant and useless clubhouse. The worst deal ever. Good times!


Eva said...

Remind me how old Charlotte is now? Congrats on almost finishing! We're graduating from med school and moving come June.

kakon said...

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