Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

We drove down to Houston the day before Charlotte's birthday. She was very excited to be able to spend her birthday with her Grandparents there and has talked about it for months! I wanted to make it a special time, since we didn't have a big party this year. So the night before, Helaman and I stayed up late making her a memorable cake that turned out to be a little harder than I thought it would be!

I think she liked it though! She got some more play food, a Barbie car, and a backpack for preschool next year.
Best of all, she got a 8 day, 7 night all inclusive stay at Grandma B's. She is already plotting her return... I can't believe how fast she is growing up. We love you Charlotte!

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Ted and Hilery said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! She is such a cute girl.
Can't wait to see pictures from your cruise!