Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween. There are always so many festivities. First was Safety Town. We got there early and narrowly missed a huge crowd and an even bigger downpour.
Recycle Dog giving... a hug?

The NTTA go karts are always a favorite.
Next was the playgroup church trick or treat.
After that was Trunk or Treat. Olivia was a huge hit in her poodle costume, though she had her doubts about it and aired them loudly (in other words, she was super fussy). It certainly kept her warm on what turned out to be a chilly night.
After a round of the parking lot, the girls decided to jump in a trunk to keep warm.
Our pumpkin carvings for the year. I bought this battery powered pumpkin carver at CVS this year, totally excited to cut our drilling time in half. It was a disappointment. The power saw was so weak it was easier to do it manually.


Steve said...

You guys are pretty serious about your pumpkin carvings. Nice work.

lrbodine said...

Happy to see you are still carving some awesome pumpkins! Love the cute costumes on the girls too.

Christy and Jason said...

So cute. I had to laugh about the results of the power carver, upon hearing it's name I thought, ew, I got to get one of those and then I read on...bummer, but not a surprise!