Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Scenes

Happy Fall! After leaving it up for 10 months, the nut wreath I made last year succumbed to moths (yuck!) So I made a new one, which was very fun and I think it is a definite improvement over the old one. Making these always reminds me of putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
It was Olivia's turn to wear the yellow wig! Charlotte wore it 3 years ago. She really thought she was something in it.
We visited the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch and loved it! It was perfect weather, not crowded, and not far away at all. It was fun driving through acres of farmland scenery to get there.
Pumpkin surfin'
The animals were well fed that day, and most were sick of the offerings. A few good-natured ones would still come up and say hello.
Enjoying a late afternoon hayride.
Loving Halloween already!
My pumpkin in a pumpkin patch.


Christy and Jason said...

The second to last picture of Olivia is so cute---so happy:)

Heidi said...

I love these pictures! Your wreath turned out so pretty! Can you do my bow!?!? Seriously! Looks like fun.

Jen said...

Your girls are so cute and getting to be so big!

Sheralie said...

I really like the nut wreath and wonder if you divulge the secret to making one? Please.