Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer News

Olivia is not picky about who feeds her and Charlotte is happy to help, and demonstrate proper mouth-opening technique.

At 6 months, Olivia is still tipping the scales at 20.7 lbs - 97% and is 28 inches tall - 93%.
To celebrate the 25 cent/lb sale on peaches at Walmart this week, we got a new blender! I have been using a broken blender operated with a bent paper clip for over 4 years, so to watch this blender tackle a smoothie with just a push of a button was fabulous.


kalina said...

Oh....what?! .25/lb?! Don't let Steve in on that deal or we'll need to buy another freezer.

Ted and Hilery said...

At Aron's 2 year appt he weighed 22lbs! He just barely got on the growth curve.... I am slightly jealous of your chubby, cute baby!

Steve said...

How does your new blender compare with the blendtec?