Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Charlotte

We've been keeping ourselves busy this summer. First Charlotte took some swimming lessons. She was quite nervous at first. After a harrowing start she did okay.
She loves to do hair now and is always asking for "tails."
We took a trip to Houston and saw her old friend Lincoln. They go way back as Columbia dental school babies together. Charlotte was not so sure about playing with him at first, but running around in the rain proved to be the perfect ice breaker.
She also loved playing with Grandma's toys. I remember playing with these toys as a kid myself.
Grandma came to visit us too and had many a picnic with Charlotte, who spent an additional week at Grandma's and is currently suffering from Grandma withdrawal.

In fact we have had a lot of picnics lately. If you are in the middle of something and cannot attend a picnic, it's no problem - Charlotte will bring the picnic to you.

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