Sunday, February 07, 2010

Olivia's First Month

Olivia's first month has whizzed by! Funny how time speeds up, especially when it is 6 am and you know you only have until 8:30 to get your last minutes of sleep in... she really is a sweetie, though her sleeping habits haven't stabilized as quickly as hoped. My mom is a champ, staying with us during her first week, and graciously taking Charlotte to Houston with her for the second week even though she was sick, and then coming back again to return her safe and sound. Our house sure was quiet that week! We missed Charlotte a lot, but I was glad to have a chance to catch up on some sleep and recovery time. Thank you!!!!
First bath
Proud big sis
Church debut (she wasn't sure about the bow, we'll need to give her head time to grow in that one)
Matching PJs


Sheralie said...

I love the matching PJ's! And the top photo of Olivia reminds me so much of James? We will see if the resemblance remains after they grow!

lrbodine said...

So cute! Olivia's face reminds me so much of Charlotte but her skin and hair look darker to me? It's amazing how fast time goes by with these second kids!

Haymonds said...

Ditto on the matching PJs. SOOO cute. She is a doll and they are very sweet together. Congrats again, and hopefully more sleep is on the way soon!

One Cheap Gal said...

Oh christina! She is beautiful-both girls are. Congrats. hope you are feeling good and even more so-getting some well deserved sleep!

Eva said...

Charlotte sure has your big smile! Love the PJs too. Congrats again. Sleep will come again someday. And those sweeties will be best friends some day!

Kari said...

She is beautiful. Congratulations. I hope you got the little outfit and socks I left for you with Crystal. Take care.