Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Happenings

Last week the Ericksons came to visit us during Helaman's week off. We had fun going to the Book Depository Museum downtown, visiting family, eating out and seeing Charlotte follow her "honey" and "bear" around. She still won't say "grandpa" or "grandma"! We've had a hard time adjusting to Helaman's being gone all the time after having him home all year. He's now working 12 hour shifts every day, and staying overnight on call every few days.
Our first garden harvest were these two HUGE, delicious cucumbers! I had just about given up on the plants producing anything, but these were hidden amongst all the leaves.
I can't even keep up with the garden's growth - the corn is as high as the fence and we can see the ears developing. Yum!!!
Our favorite little plant is also growing like crazy so we got her a real bed to sleep in. She loves climbing in and out of it.


Ted and Hilery said...

If you have so much time without Helaman, then why aren't you blogging more?! I miss reading about you and Charlotte.
She is getting so big. Isn't it so much fun to have a little girl?
That really stinks that H is gone so much. Do you want to come for a visit??

Jake & Mary said...

quite the garden!!
how was he hone all year - classes? wow - 12 hr shifts&overnights, sounds very difficult! -Mary

Heidi Ferguson said...

How long are the 12-hour shifts going to last? Is this going to be his life for the next five years? I love Charlotte's bed, it's cute. And that is an impressive garden!

kalina said...

I really enjoy that you have a ruler with a built-in calculator. When would that not come in handy?!

Tamara said...

Loving her little bed, she looks so happy.

Malesa said...

What a cute little bed! Your garden is awesome! Congrats on growing something edible.

Kent said...

The ceramic frogs give your garden a nice swampy feeling.