Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Part I

Halloween Part I because we're only half done with our Halloween activities. We're making up for the fact that last year Charlotte sat out the event altogether in favor of an early bedtime. First we hit up Frisco's "Safety Town" trick or treat festival along with ten thousand other Frisco-ites. Charlotte was the cutest chick there.

Hailing a cab home
As successful a group shot of the ward kids as we could muster
Eyeing the cute shark next to her
The next night we hit up the ward "Fall Festival" and Charlotte went as a poodle. This costume didn't fit her last year (too big) and didn't really fit her this year either (too small!) but we stuffed her into it and she was super cute but her attitude wasn't as good, at least until the pumpkin pail filled up with candy.


Heidi Ferguson said...

Love the chicken costume...especially the legs. Charlotte is a cutie and her hair is looking longer these days!

Ann said...

Too bad you didn't take a video of Charlotte "prancing" around in the poodle costume, so you could see the cute tail in the back. Hopes she has a good time this Friday! What are you and H. dressing up as?

nyc vdg family said...

She looks adorable! What beautiful hair. I love the chicken legs. :)

Malesa said...

That's cute! I love that she went as a little chick.

Pete said...

Great costume. Charlotte looks so cute. Glad you could use it.