Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Breakfast of Champs

You don't get to meet an Olympic gold medalist every day, so today we went to our own Kroger where Nastia Liukin was signing Wheaties boxes.

The Frisco Rough Riders baseball team mascot, Deuce, came for the festivities too. Everyone in line was telling Charlotte to grab his tail in this picture. She did but I missed the pic! Kroger had cookies and water out for everyone which was nice. Having shopping carts with TVs in them would have been even better. I discovered these yesterday at Tom Thumb (Safeway or Randalls) and literally had to drag Charlotte away from the store when we were done. No wonder they get away with higher prices...! The kiddie carts at Kroger are these ten foot long BOATS in the shape of a car that make a roaring sound when you go around the store.

Since Charlotte was so good standing in line she got her name on the box. Hopefully someday she'll appreciate it!
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lrbodine said...

That's fun! Although I have to admit I'm more interested in learning about these shopping carts with tv's in them? I could use that. The car shaped shopping cart only lasts so long.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

That. is. so. cool!

Pete said...

Awesome. I'm jealous.

Lucy said...

so cool! we are definitely jealous. i'm sure charlotte will appreciate the box when she is a bit older!

Kent said...

TV's in the carts? That's pretty cool, although obviously for people with kids. Maybe Stop N Shop will get TV's by the time I have a child. In 2040.

May said...

Seriously jealous you met Nastia. She and I are secret friends, except she's not in on the secret.

Charlotte's getting so big! What a cutie!