Friday, April 04, 2008

Girl's Night

Back when "24" was on the air, Helaman and I could always look forward to getting together every Monday night with Ellen, Julia, Andrea and their husbands for a night of sarcastic and/or witty commentary, treats and possibly a game. Good times! Since those days, "24" fell victim to the writers' strike, various babies started needing to get to bed before 10pm, Julia moved across the park (might as well be across the country!) and it's been hard to get together again. But we did it! And it was an extremely enjoyable evening, capped by Ellen's rescue of a disoriented elderly man on the subway tracks while Andrea and I cheered her on.

I will be so sad to leave these amazing ladies when we move to Texas! We've had a lot of fun together the last four years.

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Ellen said...

I know, I really miss our 24 nights. Despite the excitement to move to a cheaper place, I will really miss you guys. I better not think about it now, I'll just get depressed!