Sunday, February 17, 2008

Extra Extra

We love the shuttle bus, which operates every now and then when there is subway construction on the weekends. Though we can't take the stroller on board, it is a free and quick trip to church. Charlotte has been doing great at church, playing with friends and entertaining the gospel essentials class.

She's also started waving hello and goodbye, especially to Helaman when he comes and goes.

Things I'm Grateful for this Week:

Valentine's Day! Helaman always gives me the best cards. I found him a jar of Jelly Bellys at Columbia's bookstore. I also found a soda-bottle-shaped container of jellies, all Dr. Pepper flavored. Nice I didn't have to go all the way to Dylan's Candy Bar! We got to go out to eat too, and came home to find her giving her babysitter a hard time about going to bed by banging on the walls and bouncing around her crib.

Chipotle. We bought a $10 giftcard and in doing so scored a free burrito for our next visit, which was the next day. When H reminded them about the free burrito, they said they'd give both burritos to us for free.

Cinnamon Rolls. I made some using brown cinnamon sugar as suggested by Bon Appetit magazine and was very pleased with the result. Not so pleasing: waking up this morning to find only one left.

Sleep in Sunday. Helaman gets up with Charlotte on Sundays, which is heaven, and the only reason I forgive him for eating all (but one) of the cinnamon rolls.

Young World. Disappointed with The Children's Place in our neighborhood and its lack of sales, we stopped in Young World and I was very impressed at the variety of baby stuff they had despite the reggae tone music blasting. Who knew? We got Charlotte a sippy cup she learned to use immediately.

Recently they started selling Earth's Best Organic baby food for cheaper than the regular stuff at our local grocery stores. Particularly tasty: Split Pea Soup and Butternut Squash Bisque. A nice change from plain ol' Chicken Noodle Dinner, not that Charlotte was complaining...

Building Playgroup. With the nasty weather we had this week, it was great to not have to leave the building to hang out with other moms.

Boxes. Found some awesome big, clean ones in the trash room. I'm collecting them for our move.

Other people's blogs. I love them!! Keep it up!!

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Tamara said...

I love Young World, I buy stuff for my nephews there all the time. The best Children's Place in the city is on the east side 86th and 3rd.

Ellen said...

I was sure I had raved about Young World to you before. Maybe not. The stairs are a pain with a stroller, but they have an amazing amount of stuff.
That is really spooky about the jelly bellies. I didn't get Scott any this year, and now I feel guilty.
Charlotte is so obedient - it took Sonja until 14 months to accept sippy cups (and I tried them all!).
Your blog is great too!

Reagan said...

Charlotte is SOOOO cute

mommyknows said...

She is so cute! I love her beautiful eyes.