Thursday, January 24, 2008

07 Roundup

I've enjoyed reading so many other year end round up posts from other bloggers I thought I'd throw together my own, before January is over.

January 2007: Helaman put together Charlotte's crib and we squeezed it into a corner of our bedroom. I got a great raise at work which I thoroughly enjoyed for the next couple months.

February 2007: We went to one of the many New York restaurants that has a "special" (read: way more expensive) Valentine's Day menu. It was delicious. Spent most of our weekends at Coldstone Creamery.

March 2007: Charlotte arrived two weeks early. Subsequent panic set in and my mom came to our rescue.
April 2007: Charlotte's first everything. Pete came for the weekend to help with a 2 hour Ollie's run.

May 2007: Phil and Jen visit for Memorial Day weekend. A mediocre season of 24 ends. Parent payoff in the form of more frequent smiles.
June 2007: Charlotte and I spend the month in Houston getting spoiled while Helaman does externships.
July 2007: A rained-out 4th. Many trips to Central Park.

August 2007: Visited the Ericksons in Salt Lake and spent a lot of time in Park City.

September 2007: Charlotte tried baby food. We create a bedroom for her out of the hallway to sleep at night to save our sanity.

October 2007: Pete visits again, he couldn't get enough of the subway. We carved a lot of pumpkins. Charlotte got several Halloween costumes and then ended up going to bed early on the big night.

November 2007: In Houston again while Helaman interviews for Oral Surgery residencies all over the nation. Took a family vacation to the Massachusetts Berkshires for a week to experience our last New England fall.

December 2007: Trekked to the Brooklyn Bridge to take our Christmas picture. Spent Christmas in Houston.

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