Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot doggy days

How can you say no to a face like this?

We are ready for another vacation! Charlotte and I are keeping cool indoors this August which has turned out to be a scorcher in the city. She likes to pretend she can stand up like big people. Last week we did get to the pool though. The water was a little cold at first which made her nervous, but after a few minutes in the hot sun she eased into the water with the other kids. She even got so relaxed that she fell asleep in my lap while we sat in the pool! I wish I could have gotten pictures but didn't want to bring my camera to the public pool.

To celebrate Helaman's birthday on Saturday, we met some friends for crepes, since we had watched a Bobby Flay crepes challenge on the Food Network and they looked good! We even tried our own at home tonight and Helaman perfected his spatula-free crepe flip, after only ruining a few.

I also entered this contest to win a new TV from Best Buy. Check it out, you never know!
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Rob and Sarah said...

I love the pictures of Charlotte! She is so cute. The crepes look yummy!

May! said...

those pics are ridiculous. your daughter is so adorable!

now i'm in the mood for crepes ...