Saturday, August 18, 2007

Early birds

We are taking advantage of the fact that Charlotte is at a very portable age. She is great when we take her out on the town and charms the residents and tourists of New York and patiently sits while we have dinner. The other week was having a sale - $25 gift certificates for $3. Pretty good huh! Especially around here where inexpensive eating out is hard to find. The catch is that the restaurant selection isn't that great. You never know what you're getting into really. Tonight we went to Sortie, which is actually a Bar/Lounge complete with couches and low tables. We felt a little silly wheeling Charlotte in, but didn't really care since we were the first ones of the evening there at 6:30pm. Going early to restaurants is essential with a baby - no one minds, they are desperate for customers at that hour and you can sit anywhere. Not to mention you can get the tyke home for her 7-8pm bedtime. Luckily a table opened up out on the patio which was awesome since today it cooled down to 60 degrees!! So we sat out there and had a lovely dinner. Nothing beats sitting outside for dinner on a cool evening.

Believe it or not Charlotte's hair is coming in nicely but is very light.
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MommyKnows said...

I love the picture of Charlotte and her dad!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Cute top! And good job on the restaurant deal.

Andrea Boerem said...

dude, she is so cute....just like her mommy. ditto on the cute top.

Call Couple said...

Aaron saw that picture of Helaman and Charlotte and think they look identical!! I'm glad to hear the Restaurant coupons work...I bought 2 of them and we haven't tried it yet, but are going to!