Sunday, March 18, 2007


My firm surprised me with a baby shower on Thursday afternoon! The only things that kind of tipped me off to it was a fake-sounding meeting scheduled at 4:30pm (when everyone knows I'm outa there at 5 sharp) and the fact that everyone virtually disappeared around that time. It was very fun though with an abundance of delicious cupcakes, treats and well wishers.
Everyone was so generous and kind, it is really nice to feel special especially when you feel like a whale waltzing around the office most days!

I started hanging up Charlotte's cute new dresses and outfits in the spare half of Helaman's closet. Don't her tiny little things look so cute next to her daddy's huge shirts?


Lucy said...

What a nice surprise!

Chris said...

nice. Two showers. Make sure you have newborn clothes too since 0-3 months probably won't fit at least that is my experience

Mommy Drinks said...

I just missed your call- good luck, just remember to breathe!