Thursday, February 17, 2005

Getting Started

One of the main reasons I can't ever keep up a regular journal is that I hate to write with pens and pencils and all those 20th century relics. A sub-reason is that my husband, Helaman, reads my journals in his spare time. While there isn't anything in there I'm trying to hide, I now want to hide it just to spare myself the mocking I get from him regarding pre-marriage entries about other dates, other guys and the silly things that you decide to write about late at night.

I do, however, believe in making some sort of record of your life if for no other reason than to pass some of the lessons you learn along. I got this idea from the show "Felicity". Felicity and I went through college at exactly the same time - 1998-2002 - and she made tapes to her friend Sally and it seemed to serve a theraputic purpose, as well as a narrative purpose, without being overly cheesy like some pathetic voice-overs in dramas can be.

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