Sunday, October 02, 2016

Happy Fall

A friend on the street is having a new baby girl, so we took the opportunity to get together to celebrate her! The ladies on my street are so fun - I'm lucky to have them closeby!

Fall may be coming. It has peeked into our lives this week with wonderfully cool mornings and evenings, so the boys and I have taken some bike rides on days we don't go to the gym. Trust me, it's a good workout. These boys are solid.

Graham didn't seem to be getting enough to drink at night, so I started giving him a bottle. He loves it. I love it.

I also enjoyed going to a ward book club this week. Lots of new families have moved in recently and it's been great to beef up our numbers and get to know some new faces. The girls went to a Daddy/Daughter hoedown at the church pavilion where they had a blast, and Charlotte and I went to the women's General Relief Society Meeting. 

Elliott had a soccer game, and scored a goal! In the wrong team's net, but no matter. They are so cute.

The girls have started up the Silverton street choir in preparation for the holiday season.

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