Sunday, September 18, 2016

Season opener

I joined the local YMCA to get Graham used to being babysat. It is close to Elliott's preschool and the girl's elementary school. The nursery workers there said he enjoyed himself. Elliott went with us on Friday and had a blast.

He also enjoyed himself sitting on the patio while I was vacuuming the couch, but was eaten alive by mosquitoes. His hair is reaching new heights and always attracts attention wherever we go.

Hoping for some cooler weather this week, I made soup for when the missionaries came to dinner. I bought an Instant Pot and used its slow cooker function, as well as my normal crockpot for a double batch. It was still pretty warm out but the soup was good. I also made a delicious cheesecake in the Instant Pot. I am a fan. The missionaries helped me re-position the upstairs rug, so it is almost ready for the reveal.

It is also consignment sale week, so I brought a bunch of items over there to empty out the guest room closet and let those mostly baby clothes and toys continue their journey with another family. I also have a few dresses that Olivia wanted to give to Abby and Alyssa.

Charlotte had her first swim meet on Friday night. She participated in the 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle. She did great, taking second place in the backstroke (2 swimmers in her heat) and first in the freestyle (8 swimmers in that heat). She really enjoyed herself, though it went a little long for the boys and me, who had to go home halfway through to get to bed.

The next day was stake temple day, where babysitting is provided for people going to sessions. We headed out at 6:45 am and arrived at the chapel at close to 9am where ours and another family were the only ones. Out of the whole stake! Due to the rains the previous night, the normal route from Midland had an area that was completely flooded and impassable. We had taken another route because Google said it was 6 minutes faster. However, after dropping off the kids, we went out to drive the rest of the way to the temple and the van battery had died. Some people were there cleaning the building and someone quickly gave us a jump.

We picked the kids up afterward and went to get something to eat... and the battery died again. This time it was not a quick jump. It took a while to get back up and running. But, we finally made it home in a peaceful manner, as all the kids fell asleep.

That night we were invited to a dinner welcoming a new hand surgeon to town. We had met them when they came to interview a year ago. The hospital recruiter held it at her home in Odessa, and the kids were excited to go in her pool with a diving board and the bounce house she had there. However, a tornado hit, literally, and made those activities out of the question. When the weather forecaster started advising us to hide under a mattress, we headed for home amidst an impressive lightning show. The tornado did touch down in Odessa, but then made its way south.

In other news, Graham was moved into Elliott's room. Elliott loves this development, and came in with tears in his eyes this morning to my room when he had awoken and discovered Graham already gone, as he had awoken much earlier and been taken out. So cute.

The girls making use of Elliott's soccer training nets

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